Green Colored Dorflinger Cut Glass

Green Dorflinger Glass

Green Glass

The green color used by Dorflinger comes in just about as many different shades as you can think of.  The most valuable shade tends to be a rich emerald color.  The picture shown to the right is about one shade lighter than emerald.  We have also seen a lot Dorflinger glass that has taken on an electric lime color.  Granted, lighting can be a factor on colors.  However, there are still some very noticeable differences in colors.  One of the most appealing colors is a candy apple green.  It is very reflective and has a lot of shine too it.  There are also green colors that don’t quite look right.  These turn into a chalky color that does nothing for the cut or appearance of the glass.

If you have some colored Dorflinger glass that you need help positively identifying, then please contact us.  We are available via email 24/7.

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