Red Colored Dorflinger Cut Glass

Red Dorflinger Glass

Cranberry Dorflinger

Collectors of Dorflinger glass refer to this color glass as red, cranberry, and pink.  We don’t really feel like one shade is more valuable than another, but they are certainly different.  The Dorflinger cranberry color is likely the most commonly encountered red color.  It implies that the shade is not dark enough for red, but not light enough for pink.  If it is cranberry then it should still be translucent.  A true red as made by the Dorflinger factory will be very dark and almost opaque.  A pink color is not seen very often.  Something that is pink really has more of a stained feel than an embedded feel.

If you have some colored Dorflinger glass that you need help positively identifying, then please contact us.  We would be happy to share our opinion or make an offer on what you have.

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