Value of Dorflinger Cut Glass

Value of Dorflinger BowlThe value of Dorflinger glass has been in the news recently when a large bowl sold for over $60,000.  That price is impressive, but it is certainly the exception to the rule.  Very few glass pieces from Dorflinger will ever have the chance to be worth five figures.  Most glass that can be correctly identified as Dorflinger is still valued at less than $500, sometimes much less.  Nicer pieces of Dorflinger glass regularly sell for $500 to $2,000.

Valuable Dorflinger BellColor, size, and rarity are all important when determining the value of Dorflinger glass.  Colors like green, red, and blue are much more popular than just clear cut glass.  Large pieces like punch bowls have more value than something like a goblet.  Things that are unusual are also more valuable.  Bells and other odd shapes get more.

If you need help valuing your Dorflinger glass, then just send us an email with pictures of what you have.  We would be happy to share our opinion (for free).

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